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Battery Assisted Trike

This futuristic commuter vehicle boldly shouts the long overdue statement:

Environmental design can be sexy!

The newly prototyped ULV is designed to set you well apart from the cycling crowd in comfort, speed, protection and style. Ideal for locations where gas powered vehicles are inappropriate or unnecessary, the CIG Zero Ryder offers custom options for cargo and power.

The ZERO RYDER 4 is a four wheel version to carry a driver plus two passengers and /or cargo. Design soon to be available on the website.

Lightweight - at 27 kg / 64 lbs, the Zero Ryder weighs only 2% as much as a compact car

Fast - top speeds up to 55 kph / 34 mph

Electric Hill Assist - an optional component. Various adaptations are available, resulting in different weights. Our preferred source is a ZAP unit, weighing in at an additional 2.8 kg.


Zero Ryder ULV Body

Zero Ryder Trike

Prices subject to change and do not include applicable taxes
Product Name Product Type Per Unit $USD
ZERO RYDER BODY Fiberglass $1000.00
Kevlar/Carbon Fibre $2500.00
ZERO RYDER TRIKE No body $1500.00-$2500.00
Electric Assist charger and battery $600.00