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CIG is a design studio spearheaded by independent industrial designer, Rod Ladret. Projects range from the fantastic to the practical - each compelling in its form and detailed in its functionality. Production is concentrated at this time on the incredible Zero Ryder, a human hybrid electric vehicle, the V-Rex sport utility vehicle and the "Hummer" replica kit body.

Conceptually, Ladret draws from extensive study in organic form, intrinsic movement and impulse appeal. The resulting designs have been described as having an innately sensual animal-like quality, tense and poised for performance. Regardless of the static nature of the object, a Ladret design is as alive as its creator.

CIG is pleased to showcase Rod Ladretís creative core. We hope you are inspired by these design endeavors and welcome your comments. If you are interested in participating in his projects or wish to propose a contract, click CONTRACTING for further information.

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