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Ladret is a multi-talented industrial designer currently operating out of Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island.

While he has successfully applied his talents to a number of industries (from musical instruments, kayaks and portable housing to massive food growing systems), transportation remains dominant in his career. Ladret Design was founded as a CIG subsidiary in 1983 as a manufacturing facility, producing over 155 project vehicles. It is estimated that there are over 7000 copies of these vehicles fabricated by both licensed and unlicensed manufacturers. In 1990, he felt that the manufacturing structure was interfering with his creative design goals and shut down the facility. Manufacturing is now realized through a network of independent professionals.

If you are interested in contracting his talents for use on your own project, or a custom adaptation of a Ladret design to suit your needs, please call CIG at 250-386-0915.

Professional Skills

Independent Project Design Proofs Project Collaborations